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Become a Founding Member Today

Are you tired of the changes and the negative talk surrounding women over 50 and ready to uplevel your mind, health and body?

I'm on a mission to change the over 50 narrative for
the better.

Would you like to join me and other like-minded women on this amazing journey?
Keep on reading to find out more.

Society does a fantastic job of packaging older women into boxes labeled with a sell by date or the dreaded expired sticker.
The “sell by date” is a low key warning that you are no longer valuable and is directed mostly to women in their 40's.

While women in their 50’s and over get slapped with the “expired’ sticker otherwise known as the statement below   
You no longer need to be seen. 
You no longer need to be heard. 
You are no longer valued .
Quite frankly the statement from others or society can be upsetting and downright discouraging but that’s not what you should be worried about.
The thoughts coming from your brain that sounds like facts, are the ones you really need to be concerned about. 
Your brain is feeding you this information because that’s all it knows. 

Introducing Flourish 

An online community for women in their 50s and over. 

Women in their 50's come in all shapes, shades and sizes and have one thing in common. 
You are tired of the age-old narrative that does nothing for you.  You want to create your own second act on your own terms for the next chapter of your life 
Over the years you have chosen others before you. Kids, your spouse, parents, friends the list is endless. 
Now is the time to place a priority on your needs. I know resentment is beginning to kick in. 
It’s kicking in because of the numerous times you want to say No but you say Yes. 
It’s kicking in because you feel that choosing you is selfish and you were taught that selfish is not a good thing.
It’s kicking in because you are exhausted but you keep on going. 

It's time to choose YOU!


The monthly payment is $96

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Who is Kwavi?

Kwavi is a 53 years bold Life Coach for women in Midlife. She helps women create the midlife of their dreams whatever that means to them.

She believes women in their 50's and over have an untapped power that needs to be utilized and shared for good. Society might say otherwise but Kwavi is on a mission to empower Midlife women to rise up.

She created Flourish, an online community designed for the woman over 50 that is ready to grow luxuriantly on her own terms.  

She received her B.Sc in Information Technology from Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom and obtained a Masters in Medical Informatics degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. She trained with Wellcoaches and is a Certified Weight and Life Coach.  
Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys. She is a blogger with the Huffington Post and Thrive and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Best Self Magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Does this sound like you?

• In your 20s you had the energy of a superwoman or thought you did. You were attending events, working your way up the corporate ladder or running your own business, while looking fabulous and feeling uber amazing.
• As your 30’s end and you get into your 40’s you find yourself in midlife, married or recently single. You have a demanding promising career, or enjoying a successful business and in general you are quite pleased on what you’ve achieved.
• Your personal relationships with family and friends are going well even though you feel that it’s a bit one-sided as you tend to be on the giving side more often. Giving of time and resources leaves you in a state of exhaustion with a few signs of resentment setting in.
• You are there for others but are beginning to realize that you need to start taking better care of yourself. You are getting older and you know this lifestyle is not sustainable with menopause symptoms making it even more challenging.
• You've done well for yourself and can afford the finer things in life, you invest in material things but lately the joy has been short-lived. You want more.
You begin to wonder if the rumours are true...That life ends in Midlife.
Become a Flourish Founding Member Today

 Why I created Flourish?

You’ve put everyone else before you and now you’re in your 50s and over, you are terrified that life is passing you by.   
I created Flourish for precisely that reason. A program that addresses many of the areas that are challenging as you've gotten older. Relationships, Health and Wellness, Emotional Wellness to mention 
a few.

I created Flourish for women like you. Women like you that are looking for more, because as much as you want more, you’re not sure how or where to begin.
With everything you have going on you can’t even see how it would even work, but that nagging thought keeps coming back letting you know that you need to do something soon.
Let's face it, time is not on your side.

In Flourish you will :-

Rediscover your purpose and passion.

Build your confidence through stimulating and interactive sessions that are fun, enlightening and will encourage and motivate to tackle your goals. 
Finally be in an environment with like-minded women that allow you to truly feel safe and supported where you can be coached on any midlife issue like sleep, relationships, weight loss to name a few.
Be celebrated for being the unique woman you are and begin to live your best Midlife.
Begin to start this new chapter where you may be building your confidence, starting your weight loss journey etc there will be obstacles along the way. You will have me as your coach standing WITH and FOR you to help you manage your mind to help you overcome the challenges once and for all.  

Introducing Flourish. An online community for women 50 and over
The monthly payment is $96

Here's how Flourish works

1) Monthly training workshop on topics like weight loss, sleep, menopause, relationships, confidence, decision-making, parenting.

2) Weekly calls on the training topic where I will be teaching on the topic of the month. 

3) Coaching calls every 2 weeks where you can get coached or listen to others get coached.

4) Monthly Book Club 

5) Monthly Guest Experts

6) Access to Replays

7) Monthly Mingle 

8) Private online community

I will also be inviting you to suggest topics you would like covered.

Become a Flourish Founding Member Today

As a Midlifer, you have more than likely lived more than half of your lifetime already and ready to make the next years count.  

We all want to be seen, heard and valued regardless of our age.  It's time to be visible regardless of what society or others think. 
The clock is ticking …. not your biological clock but your time clock. It's time to take action and live your best Midlife on your own terms unapologetically. 


'Kwavi is an amazing health coach.  Her style is to support, encourage and push you till you reach your goal.

She listened to me and worked out a realistic plan to help me address

my unhealthy eating habits and help me reach my ideal weight even though we

lived over 4,000 miles apart.  Thanks to technology, Kwavi can be your

personal health coach where ever you live - she is truly the best....'

Mrs Stella Okeahialam MBE (52)


Kwavi taught me patience. She made me understand that this time it was different. I needed to learn how to listen to my body. She was very patient with me, particularly because I was extremely impatient with my progress. I started to learn what my body could and could not handle. She taught me that just because a food is healthy, does not mean that it is right for me. I learned how to nourish my body and still enjoy what I ate. 

With the help of the program I am now back to my normal weight. I lost all the weight that I gained, and I could not be happier. Additionally, my blood pressure is normal.

Ugochi Onyewu (50)
Maryland, USA 



I attended the fabulous event hosted by Kwavi. Kwavi is an amazing leader, life coach. She is full of light and her positive energy is contagious. I love her passion and dedication to help others achieve their dreams! I love that she leads by example.

Her authenticity is what I love about her. She has inspired me to dream big and go after my goals, because of this event and her challenge to the group that evening I am doing what I dreamed of achieving this year! Cheers Kwavi!

Thank you for being you and for your  support!

Peiru Kim (51)
Owner, Sugarcoat

Regardless of what society says life doesn't ends when you turn 50.

Are you ready to start the work to create the Midlife of your dreams and become one of the founding members of flourish?

I hope to see you in Flourish.

Become a Flourish Founding Member Today

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